Renewed preparatory courses for the future MOME students

Preparatory courses at MOME

As in the previous years, PreMOME offers a wide range of preparatory courses for those who wish to study at one of the BA Programmes offered by the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

PreMOME is the only preparatory school where the syllabus has been worked out in close cooperation with the departments of MOME; thus the knowledge acquired by the participants will serve as an essential base for their later development during their university career.

This year, in accordance with the recent changes in the national educational system and in the organization of the University, PreMOME has been completely renewed and improved. The new members of the staff arrive from various backgrounds which ensures that students will meet several viewpoints during the course and thus will gain a more complex knowledge. Our teachers are either active designers and recognised tutors from the various Institutes or university students in their final years.

We also try to suit applicants of special needs. For those who, during the course, feel the need for a more intensive preparation we can arrange supplementary modules in their specific field of interest.  Those who are working during the week or live outside Budapest still have the opportunity to participate in the preparatory classes as we offer courses not only on weekdays (4×3 classes) but on weekends as well (1×4 classes).

During the two semesters students will practice drawing and painting as well as they will take part in designing activities specific to their subject. We also offer a more theoretical course for those who intend to study Design and Art Theory.

Our aim is to help students to get their application easier and more successful while introducing them to the University life with its organisations, professors, students and events.

The deadline of application for PreMOME preparatory courses is 10 October 2010.

Application is possible through the website

For more information consult:

The Budapest Design Meetup Vol10.

momeline - 10/09/29

The Budapest Design Meetup Vol10.

Press release can be downloaded from here: Budapest_Design_Meetup_Vol.10.doc

Design Week Special!

Venue: Hungarian National Museum – Rotunda (VIII., Múzeum krt. 14-16.)
Date: 6th October 2010, Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Budapest Design Meetup enters its second year and we’re celebrating with a very special line up and venue. Last year’s five most significant designers will bring you their latest and most important projects, the one’s that you’ll definitely remember even 10 years later. As the list of the presenters is longer this time, a wider range of topics will be covered. The evening starts off with a short introduction by the young participants of Demo Camp which will prove that one’s never young enough to engage in creative designing activities, while in the final round Finnish designers (invited by Finnagora) will share their thoughts in English.


The young Participants of the DEMO Camp

Attila Cosovan and Gábor Domokos
Dóra Mojzes
Áron Losonczi
Vivienn Balla
Ervin B. Nagy, Márton Kovács, Marci Nagy

Nina Koivisto (Soften Oy)
Helinä Lehtonen (Turku Design Ilmilö)


The young participants of Demo Camp

The Design and Health Model (DEMO) was founded by students of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2007. Their mission is to promote design and visual culture among students of all ages and schools. Also, by organising various prevention programmes, they are encouraging the younger generation to lead a healthier lifestyle. This time the kids themselves will introduce the photography and fashion projects they have been working on in the summer camp, along with a short video covering the complete programme of the Camp.


Attila Cosovan and Gábor Domokos

The Gömböc is the first known homogeneous object with only two equilibrium points (one stable and one unstable) altogether. It was V. I. Arnold, one of the most important mathematicians of the 20th century, who, back in 1995, first proposed that a body like the Gömböc might exist. The Gömböc however is not only the physical realisation of an abstract mathematical idea but a symbol, a form in its own right. This dichotomy is going to be in the focus of the presentation, which will also provide some background information and interesting facts about the Gömböc.

Dóra Mojzes

Dóri is going to introduce her 2011 spring/summer collection, which was inspired by the Roman legionary elevated to the 21st century. This collection is in many respects the collection of “firsts”: this is the first time that Dóri used colourful/patterned materials and
that a range of shoes have been designed and will be selling under the name doramojzes.
Dóra will also talk about her recent experiences abroad; her show in Austin, Texas and the debut of her 2011 summer collection in a showroom during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, in New York. In the remaining time the audience will also find out why Tyra Banks has been photographed wearing Dóri’s clothes.

Áron Losonczi

Litracon pXL is a new product developed by Áron Losonczi, the inventor of transparent concrete. Contrary to the original Litracon, in Litracon pXL there are no optical fibers for light transmission but a specially formed and patented plastic unit. The name comes from the light dots that appear with regular distribution on the surface, similar to pixels on an LCD screen, while XL refers to the big panel size. The panels can even be storey-high which makes installation easier. The pixel-concrete however is not only useful in architecture; Áron will introduce how designers can make use of the new material in their work.

Vivienn Balla

Those who are familiar with contemporary Hungarian fashion photography have certainly come across Vivienn Balla’s work. She has been collaborating with various fashion designers and magazines including the American Kismet. The central topic of Vivi’s presentation is the new generation, the new beauty ideal. During her final year project at University she was working with a group of young adults who aim to maximize the perfection of their look to match social expectations. By doing so they become statue-like, unisex dolls.
In her presentation Vivi will touch the following points: the stages in the process of work, the importance and up-to-dateness of the topic, the prefigures, and the problematic relationship between art and fashion in photography.

Ervin B. Nagy, Márton Kovács, Marci Nagy

The guys are currently working on Patrick & Theo, a cartoon targeting at 6-9 year old children. The story is set thousands of years into the wild future, where nature has reconquered the great cities that had once reached towards the sky. Soon, the dreary landscape became infested with mutants, prehistoric species and creatures known only from legends. In this world of weird science and natural wonders, a boy, and his dog decide to take a stand as the last, self-appointed supercops. The series concept, which was originally a degree work at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, grew out of its original role; the creators have just returned from Cartoon Forum, an international animation fair.


Nina Koivisto (Soften Oy)

Soften is one of the leading companies in Finland manufacturing various acoustic products for public spaces and homes. In her presentation Nina is going to share some interesting information on acoustics and will introduce how Soften’s effective and innovative products ‘soften’ sounds.

Helinä Lehtonen

Helinä is going to introduce Turku Design Phenomena, a cooperative programme in Finland. The project, organised by designers, is not a single event, but an undertaking that promotes design widely and in various contexts. Small, growing businesses can therefore benefit from the power of the entire community, as the huge potential of Turku design gets promoted to new audiences.

Dinosaur and tumble-up in Csongrad – the Wood Festival has come to an end

Press release and selected pictures can be downloaded from here:
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The pinewood planks were used up down to the last centimeters as the first Hungarian Wood Festival came to an end in high spirits on Sunday. Not only the four required installantions were finished but there was enough material left from the 4 kms of planks, offered by Jaf Holz, to experiment with some more structures and even to make a wooden Ujirany logo. The cut-off bits and pieces, instead of going to the rubbish, helped warm up the participants, who were chatting around the campfire on the closing night.

Students from three universities (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and University of West Hungary Institute of Applied Arts) formed four groups to work for a week under the supervision of a group leader each on structures exciting from the point of view of both architecture and art. All the pieces were in some way related to the environment of the host location, Csongrad Art Camp, which provided both accommodation and plenty of inspiration.

Peter Pozsar’s group, sawing the 1000 m of planks into shorter and longer pieces, built a nest into the shroud of one of the younger trees. From there, snaking around its immediate environment, they continued with the structure to form a quadrilateral cave, as an allegory of the two housing archetypes. They chose an exciting way of securing the structures: instead of nails, they used strings running through drilled holes to hold together the planks.

Andris Huszar’s less spontaneous, but more virtuoso group created a 3m egg-shaped structure, which will work as a tumble-up after being loaded it with sandbags: it will return to its original position, no matter how animated the swing is.

Not surprisingly, the most risky experiments were conducted by group leader, architect and inventor Aron Losonczi: his group left the planks their original size to create a multistorey-high structure stretching far up towards the sky. Their other installation was a grid capable of bridging large distances – its strength was even tested on location.

We can say, however, that the most popular piece of the festival was the 17 meter dinosaur, made by Gabor Miklós Szoke’s group. The peaceful herbivore was made based on a smaller model in only three days, by spontaneously screwing together planks of various sizes. Its head and tail is detachable, therefore we can welcome the dinasaur at the Design Week together with the other installations.

The Wood Festival was organized by MOME line – design works and Ujirany Architects.
MOME line – design works:
Ujirany Architects:
We would like to say thanks to our supporters and sponsors for making the festival possible:
NKA, JAF Holz Ungarn Kft., I Love Wood, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Simandi Bird&Bird Attorneys At Law

Pictures can be downloadad from our Flickr gallery:

Wood Festival starts today

momeline - 10/08/24

Wood Festival starts today

The first Hungarian Wood Festival starts on August 24, with four teams composed of young and creative students designing and making complex installations or sculptures that can be folded or disassembled, made of a kilometer of wood planks.
Although the Danish event, which was the inspiration for the organizers, and for which first year students of MOME were invited, has been canceled due to lack of funds, the Hungarian Wood Festival will be still held at the arts colony in Csongrád.
The week-long creative student workshop’s theme is using wood in a versatile and creative way, and the infinite form variations of installations and sculptures created under specific conditions. In addition, another goal of the Wood Festival is to be an integral part in the cooperation and communication of participating institutions (BME, MOME, NYME-AMI), as in projects such as this the collaboration of various fields is indispensable.
During the week-long creative workshop 20 students, led by 4 team leaders will participate from various fields of the architecture and product design area. Similar to the rules of the Danish Wood Festival held last year, each team will design and create its own sculpture or installation using 1 kilometer of 4×4 cm pinewood planks. The planks will be provided by JAF Holz Ungarn Ltd., Central Europe’s market-leader wood company, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary of establishment in Hungary with the Wood Festival. The stay of participants in Csongrád is supported by NKA and the Csongrád Chamber of Architects.

Apart from the design approach represented by the architect team leaders, András Huszár, Áron Losonczi and Péter Pozsár, art is also a major inspiration for the participants, therefore one team will be led by fresh graduate of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, artist Gábor Miklós Szőke. To make it a bit more difficult, a new challenge was added to the conditions by the organizers: the resulting works must be able to be folded and/or disassembled by the juncions. Besides being a test for the design, it is also important that the installations be transportable to be exhibited at the Budapest event of the Design Week 2010.

The curator of the Wood Festival is Péter Pozsár, member of Újirány Group and a MOME DLA student. Please read an interview with Péter at
The website of Gabor Miklos Szoke:
• Woodfestival 2009 Copenhagen: és
• Works of MOME students from last year:

Sponsors and media partners

Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, I Love Wood, JAF Holz Ungarn Kft., Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem, Simándi Bird & Bird Ügyvédi Iroda.
Építészfórum,, Interieur Magazin,, pos1t1on BLOG
mome line at the museum’s festival

On the occasion of the 15th Museums’ Festival, we’ll move MOME line to the city: our programs take the playfulness of creativity to the gardens of the National Museum with the intention of making contemporary visual culture tangible and raise interest towards design for all ages. The Museum gardens will hold a workshop for the younger ones, and MOME line and MOME will also have its own stall and animation screenings.

You can download the press release by clicking here: MOME_line_on_Museums_Festival.doc

Location and time of the events:

DEMO workshop: Múzeumkert (Museum Gardens)
Animation screenings
: “Saloon” (floor II.)
MOME stall (powered by MOME line): Múzeumkert (Museum Gardens)

Workshops of DEMO (Design és Egészség Modell/ Model of Design and Health) are set out to draw schoolchildren towards imaginative challenges, during which graduates of MOME show young ones the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the joys of playful creativity.

Meanwhile in the Museum building animations will be screened in two blocks.  Child poem-films of are shown in the first, continuously played 30 minute block that combine contemporary children’s poetry with the fun and lively visual world created by the students of MOME. In the other half hour visual block diploma works of the animation department take over – muscular princesses and peculiar, infinite stories will interest the older ones too.

There isn’t a Museums’ Festival without a fair, and if one is looking for real treasures then MOME line’s and MOME’s stall is the place to be, where curiosities such as paper necklaces, handbags made of pressed, recycled plastic bags, earrings made of banners, vintage postcards, stickers, badges can be found, plus a real surprise: the mysterious ‘bug’ body-jewel, a brand new innovation available here for the first time. Have a look around here to find the knick-knacks you have been searching for.

MOME line
’s programmes offer the Hungarian designers’ diverse, likeable world of experiences to visitors of the Festival with an intention of more and more people discovering the importance of quality design.

momeline - 10/05/9

MOME line – design works has launched its website where we introduce ourselves to the students and teachers as well as to the companies and the press. We made a short press release which you can download here:

MOME line_press (zip)