The Budapest Design Meetup Vol.11

MOME line presents: Hungarian Design Award Special

For the decade’s very last Budapest Design Meetup we’re returning to our beloved location, KINO cinema. From 7 PM on the last Friday of November four designers will introduce their projects that have been nominated for the Hungarian Design Award. The presentations – two on graphics and two on typography – will be followed by the introduction of Wood Festival, which has grown to something bigger since its start in August. Since this is the very first time we ourselves are actually presenting, we’re having a bit of a stage fright as well!

Venue: KINO cinema (XIII. Szt. István krt 16)
Date: 26. November 2010, Friday, 7 PM


Tamás Siklósi – design
Ádám Katyi – typography
István Policsányi – design
Márton Borzák – graphics
Ádám Kobrizsa and Péter Pozsár – MOME Line

Tamás Sikló
The opening presentation of the evening is going to be about and by a young vehicle designer who has been working at Mercedes and General Motors already during his university years. Tamás will introduce the designing process of Pannónia BOL D’OR motorbike, which is an attempt to revive the old Hungarian motor brand, Pannónia.

Ádám Katyi -
Miklós Kis Tótfalusi was one of the biggest punchcutters of his time; his antique, Tótfalusi Sans Serif, with its adventurous history quickly became a favourite of those interested in typography. Ádám Katyi used this font as a starting point for creating his own modern, readable typeface. Combining traditional punchcutting and modern typographic techniques he presented his font in various environments and surfaces. In his presentation Ádám will talk about his approach in renewing the legend and will share some secrets and tricks of the designing method.

István Policsá
Because of the complexity and locality of the issue, the lack of intermediate passenger ships has remained an unsolved problem in the last 50 years at lake Balaton. After the in-depth examination of the circumstances, industrial designer István Policsányi offers a solution which is unique and adapts well to local demands. The project is a great example for proving how the creative, dynamic approach of industrial design can be combined with the more fixed and defined rules of engineering. The result is exciting and exhilarating; through the presentation the audience is invited to experience this by a virtual walk on board.

Márton Borzá
We’re introducing you the prodigy of Hungarian graphic design, who had become a member of MATT (= Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers) long before he started his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Márton Borzák is responsible for the revamped image design of OTP Junior. Along introducing the designing process itself, Márton will talk about the road from the application to the actual realisation of the campaign.

Encore -
A design camp which made the Danish go bankrupt but was a real success in Hungary: the images of the 4 monumental works built by the participants of Wood Festival will close the evening. We will learn what the maximum dimensions of an object can be so that it can be transported on the motorway; how much weight the ceiling of Gödör Klub can carry, and, what happened to all the statues built from the 1 km long wood slats? With the help of photos and videos, Péter Pozsár and Ádám Kobrizsa will tell us about the ups and downs of last summer’s Wood Festival, organised by MOME Line design works.

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