The Budapest Design Meetup Vol. 14 – Vehicle Special

There are few areas in design where utopias and the existing practices confront each other so hard as in vehicle design. Year after year graduating students of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design represent both extremities.  Some of these designers end up as vehicle designers at such companies like Mercedes.  As a result of the international success, the University is about to launch vehicle design as an MA programme.

On the first Friday of May the thematic event of the 14th Budapest Design Meetup gives a selection of these: the program contains not only cars but a boat, community transport and even a fashion design as well.

Venue: KINO Cinema ( XIII., Szent István krt. 16.)
Date: 6th May 2011 Friday 7 p.m.


Pál Koós – Head of the Product Design Department at MOME
Viktor Tivadar Sass – product designer
László Fogarasi-Benkő – vehicle designer
Péter Kukorelli – product designer
Gálvölgyi, Zsófi Kormos, Ádám Baranyi– fashion designers

Pál Koós

As a preface the Head of the Product Design Department will talk about the department’s courses and the vehicle design MA programme. He will also mention the cooperation between the University and particular car manufacturers and also the future plans of the department. There will be an exciting taster of the best student projects which have been awarded internationally several times.

Sass Tivadar Viktor

Though he is working in several areas of product design, the designer, who graduated from MOME in 2007, achieves the biggest success with his vehicle designs. For this Meetup he brought the latest, Moholy-Nagy Scholarship-awarded work: an electric sightseeing minibus. This could offer alternative to the tourists and local citizens wandering around the inner city of Budapest who are now travelling by car or the public transport company’s big buses. The designer paid attention not only to the comfort but to the efficiency of space, the quick exchange of passengers and to the futuristic details.

László Fogarasi-Benkő

Even Karim Rashid had a look at one of the concepts of this young vehicle designer during the icon’s visit in February. Among the dynamic sketches made by László Fogarasi-Benkő several brands can be found from Opel, Mercedes or Alfa Romeon to Ferrari. His presentation is about the all new driving experience of BMW’s Isetta eM.

Péter Kukorelli

The romance factor of Budapest’s city park (Városliget) could reach an unbelievably high level if from now on Péter Kukorelly’s boats could be rented on the lake. Calm water surface gives the designer the chance to make a boat with friendly shapes and accessorize it with a simple candle-holder and a parasol, thus making it irresistible.

Ádám Baranyi, Anett Gálvölgyi, Zsófi Kormos -

The Young Creative Chevrolet competition was announced in Hungary for the second time last year, aiming to capture the brand’s image through the creativity of multiple design areas such as visual communication, video or fashion design. A team of three young designers entered their valiant, dynamic and detailed work in the fashion category. In Hungary they won the first prize and at the European final they took the second place.

There is no entry fee for the Meetup but we kindly ask you to RSVP at the event’s facebook page:

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