the budapest design meetup vol.5

The guest presenters of the February meetup are the recipients of the 2009 Kozma and Moholy fellowships. The young designers will present their fellowship projects, followed each by a question-answer session. After the success of the January meetup, the venue will be KINO again (Budapest, Szent István krt. 16.), all of you are welcome on February 19 at 6pm!

The presenters:

Dalma Závodszky leather designer and Nóra Juhász knitting designer (Arcana label)
Dalma talks about her new bag collection, which aims at departing from the usual, while Nóra presents her knitted pieces, impregnated by a membrane technology.

Krisztián Ádám metalwork and jewellery designer
about a special experimental technology he uses in jewellery making.

Kámen Anev graphic designer
about the Brave New World project, a film production design tool, which turns information into visual projections.

Péter Pozsár architect
about designing a temporary shelter and structure for disaster stricken areas.

Gábor Szilasi product designer
about the pitfalls of designing a special sailing boat and sports kayak.

Balázs Sipos glass designer
about his unique glass objects, which are based on the interaction and visual presentation of two interconnected bodies.

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