Trip to Cannes

Ideally, real-estate development follows not only the rules of engineering but also has a coherent concept and applies creative design to express it. This is something that most of the major development managers know. Speaking of public space or a luxury hotel, the success of an excel sheet and a technical drawing can be doubled with a “Gesamtkunstwerk” design strategy following up and efficiently communicating the project.

This is why we are happy be requested as a partner of Studio Metropolitana to do the design, graphics and interior design for the Budapest stand at MIPIM in Cannes. As complex projects as this require the cooperation of several design areas, so the experienced team containing architect Peter Pozsar, designer Istvan Policsanyi and graphic designer  Tamas Fogarasy were working on it.

The result was a sleek stand with two parts, with a dynamic graphic defining Budapest. Placed on one of the parts was iPONT’s glasses-free 3D television which played an image video of the city. The stand was opened for the exhibition by Mr. Istvan Tarlos, Lord Mayor of Budapest.

MOME line’s manager, Bakos Maxim and Peter Pozsar also visited Cannes during MIPIM not just to take part in building the stand but to do some networking with the more than 400 exhibitors and the organizations like MOME line standing behind them.

Like lab71, an architect studio from Stockholm whom Maxim met. Their designer, Marie de France told him that they could join us as a team or as co-organizers at Wood Festival 2012 representing Sweden. We did like the idea, especially because the festival is likely to be held in Helsinki, European Capital of Culture 2012 in cooperation with Finnish partners.

Peter Lan, development manager of Dohaland project showed us an urban plan that meets the requirements of the 21st century and seeks for Quatar’s new and unique architectural traditions by experimenting with the western trends. The practicability, broadness and sustainability of the project was quite tempting!

As we have seen at their stand, a much bigger area in Russia acts as the venue of rehabilitation and development for Krasnodar region. They seemed very interested in Hungarian partners to do the landscape architecture for mainly residential buildings and family houses.

The city of Saint-Étienne exhibited as an agglomeration commuity with 6 projects. As part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (with the title City of Design) they brought a 107 hectare campus area which connects the neighboring districts. In the first step they would create the public space with the park followed by the establishment of other functions (École d’Art et Design, Telecom Saint-Étienne, exhibition spaces, …etc.) which would make it the creative focal point of the metropolis. The Manufacture Plaine Achille project was explained to Peter by Philippe Gauvrit, who told him that their aim is to create a creative melting pot similar to the one MOME line is working on. The idea of cooperation also appeared, especially when it was discovered that Hungarian-born Lorand Hegyi is the current director of Saint-Étienne Museum of Modern Art.

As an architect, Peter and Mike Althorpe (London’s regional services manager at the Royal Institute of British Architects) quickly found the common voice. Mr. Althorpe was interested in Hungarian architect studios to cooperate with in organizing conferences and other programs.

Of course we did take the best out of the warm weather and the seaside sunshine, so we brought you a taste of it. The photos were taken by David Raday.

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